VR-Plugin meets MD.H Berlin

I had a nice meeting in the MD.H (Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin) today.

Professor Malterer introduced me to his students, working with the latest VR-Plugin Beta 2 for a project and future research.
I am very happy about this collaboration and look forward to finding more educational partners around the globe.

We are confident that Virtual Reality can help students learning Maya, especially in the early days of their career.
Maya learner step into the world of 3D easier, not only because of the familiar experience they make with the stereoscopic vision.
Individuals with a more creative and less technical background are showing a highly increased engagement, by the visual and more active rather than passive experience.

Noticeable is the steep learning curve of students, that are experienced with real world sculpting and crafting but have no experience with Maya and digital sculpting at all.
They can make instant use of their talents with VR Maya, which is commonly known as slowdown for creativity, for unexperienced users, because of its complexity.


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