Download VR-Plugin in the Autodesk App Store

VR-Plugin 6.0 Professional Trial can be downloaded in the Autodesk App Store. The latest version of VR-Plugin is compiled for Autodesk Maya 2015/2016/2016.5/2017/2018/2019/2020/2022 Windows 8-10 x64 and is compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and Valve Index. Visit this website to download VR-Plugin for free:

VR-Plugin 6.0 Professional for Autodesk Maya 2022

Thank you all for your great feedback. VR-Plugin 6.0 Professional is LIVE! We are glad to present you a stable and highly optimized experience for Virtual Reality production techniques. VR-Plugin is written in the most native Mayan way. Our customers are surprised, what improvements could be achieved during the latest updates. Compared to other VR… Continue reading VR-Plugin 6.0 Professional for Autodesk Maya 2022

VR-Plugin 6.0 Beta

We were developing the latest update over the last year during the prolonged Beta phase. Thank you all for participating and your kind help to track down the last issues. Now we are very happy with the result. We will work on the release of the final version 6.0 update and meanwhile we will keep… Continue reading VR-Plugin 6.0 Beta

Compatibility Showcase with Hard-Mesh for Maya 2019

Early Beta version of VR-Plugin 6

Watch the latest compatibility showcase with the Hard-Mesh Plugin for Autodesk Maya Use your favorite Maya scripts and plugins in Virtual Reality.Easy pipeline integration possible with Qt and Python.Thanks to for the fabulous Hard-Mesh for Maya.Get the free 30-day trial here:

Playing with LEGO in Virtual Reality

Another Compatibility Showcase with the BrickIt Plugin for Autodesk Maya by Romain Chauliac. Use your favorite Maya scripts and plugins in Virtual Reality.Easy pipeline integration possible with Qt and Python. The implementation of the UI is a matter of minutes. Here is a short video created with the Beta 3 of VR-Plugin and BrickIt for… Continue reading Playing with LEGO in Virtual Reality

VR-Plugin meets MD.H Berlin

I had a nice meeting in the MD.H (Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin) today. Professor Malterer introduced me to his students, working with the latest VR-Plugin Beta 2 for a project and future research.I am very happy about this collaboration and look forward to finding more educational partners around the globe. We are confident that Virtual Reality… Continue reading VR-Plugin meets MD.H Berlin

Controlling Maya with your Voice

This turned out to be a great way to use Maya and our UI in Virtual Reality. Download and install Windows Speech Recognition Macros Launch Maya and create a new hotkey with the hotkey editor (Window menu, Settings Preferences Hotkey Editor) In the Categories frame in the Hotkey Editor (it is on the left) Scroll… Continue reading Controlling Maya with your Voice

VR-Nerds – A Virtual Reality Showcase

Thank you very much for testing and mentioning VR-Plugin in your latest article by Christoph Spinger. They also show the Journey to VR video by Daryl from Autodesk. Check out the article here: VR-Plugin für Autodesk Maya – VR∙Nerds Fun fact: Our VR-Plugin contender Max is seeking attention with bragging in the comments XD