VR-Plugin 6.0 Beta

We were developing the latest update over the last year during the prolonged Beta phase. Thank you all for participating and your kind help to track down the last issues. Now we are very happy with the result. We will work on the release of the final version 6.0 update and meanwhile we will keep… Continue reading VR-Plugin 6.0 Beta

VR-Plugin meets MD.H Berlin

I had a nice meeting in the MD.H (Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin) today. Professor Malterer introduced me to his students, working with the latest VR-Plugin Beta 2 for a project and future research.I am very happy about this collaboration and look forward to finding more educational partners around the globe. We are confident that Virtual Reality… Continue reading VR-Plugin meets MD.H Berlin

VR-Plugin is proud to be one of the sponsors of weeklycgchallenge.com

We are very happy to be among the sponsors of the Weekly CG Challenge. Weeklycgchallenge.com provides a new topic every two weeks (posted Mondays) and you can either do a digital 3D or 2D work.The one important thing you have to consider is that your work must be created with a computer (CG = Computer… Continue reading VR-Plugin is proud to be one of the sponsors of weeklycgchallenge.com

Controlling Maya with your Voice

This turned out to be a great way to use Maya and our UI in Virtual Reality. Download and install Windows Speech Recognition Macros Launch Maya and create a new hotkey with the hotkey editor (Window menu, Settings Preferences Hotkey Editor) In the Categories frame in the Hotkey Editor (it is on the left) Scroll… Continue reading Controlling Maya with your Voice

VR-Nerds – A Virtual Reality Showcase

Thank you very much for testing and mentioning VR-Plugin in your latest article by Christoph Spinger. They also show the Journey to VR video by Daryl from Autodesk. Check out the article here: VR-Plugin für Autodesk Maya – VR∙Nerds Fun fact: Our VR-Plugin contender Max is seeking attention with bragging in the comments XD

VR-Plugin Review by Daryl Obert from Autodesk

Daryl Obert walks through this first VR tutorial and shows the implementation of the latest VR-Plugin beta into Autodesk Maya 2017 Daryl shares some early work in progress on the VR experience he’s creating. After getting the first rough model of his reality captured environment into Maya and adding in some test motion graphics, he… Continue reading VR-Plugin Review by Daryl Obert from Autodesk