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THRUST: CGSociety’s 15th year Anniversary Challenge It’s out of this World!

VR-Plugin is proud to be one of the sponsors.

Igor Tkac & Travis Bourbeau

Gurmukh: Bashin Star Citizen

George Hull: Bladerunner 2, Jupiter Ascending, Elysium, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Star wars 8

Daniel Simon: Space X , Disney Imaginee​r​ing, Oblivion

Nick Pugh Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, X- Men First Class, RIPD,

Harald Belker: Anki Drive, Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion​, Star Trek Into Darkness​

Fausto Di Martini: Robocop 2014, Transformers 4, Star Wars 7, Avatar Sequels

John Park: Brainstorm, Captain America, Avatar 2

Sam Brown: Sr Concept artist Massive Black, Halo 5

Kemp Remilliard: Star Wars 7 Cross Sections, G I Joe Killzone 2

Kory Hubbel: Halo 4, Halo 5, Wildstar

Heikki Antilla: Blur Studio,Halowars, Force Unleasshed Far Cry 3,

Technically Correct
Judges come from places like MIT , Aerospace…

Barmakh Heshmat: Researcher at MIT, with a ph.d in photonics

David Levy: Assassin’s creed, Tron Legacy, Prometheus, Avatar Sequels

Enzo Vito: Aersospace Engineer

Encho Enchev: Ghost recon SW, Assassin’s creed III liberation, A.C. IV Black Flag,Tom Clancy’s the division

Mathias Verhasselt: Senior Cinematic Artist at Blizzard Entertainment

Tom Alfaro: Research Scientist at Schafer Corporation, DARPA, Air Force

Michael Interbartolo: New Business Development NASA

The Right Stuff
Character Design, and Consistency

Kevin Lanning: Epic Games

Josh Herman: Legacy, Naughty Dog, Marvel

Adam Skutt: Naughty Dog, Epic Games

Ian Joyner: Legacy, Warner Bros, Marvel

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