About VR-Plugin

VR-Plugin offers a production proved tool-chain for Maya artists to work with Virtual Reality.

Make use of the 360-degree environment and directly see your 3D assets in your HMD instead of your 2D monitor.

With the stereoscopic view you have a precise and natural impression of the scene scale and you experience the whole depth of your 3D surrounding in the most intuitive way.

Now you can do complex camera animation easily by recording the motion of your Virtual Reality device.

Speed and performance is one of the biggest advantages of the Viewport 2.0

You can see your work with full DirectX11/OpenGL lighting and shading support and interact with 3D data in ways that were never before possible.

Create full virtual work-spaces and increase your productivity with VR-Plugin.

“VR Is Closest We’ll Get To Teleporter” 

Mike Schroepfer (Chief Technology Officer, Facebook)

Features that matter

Application range

Set Design

VR-Plugin plugin enables Maya™ artists to see their work in stereoscopic VR

Environment Design

VR-Plugin is used by Set Designers and Environment Artists to explore their worlds the way they would do in reality.


The stereoscopic view within Maya gives you a precise and natural feeling for scene scale and layout.

Stereoscopic Camera Work

VR-Plugin helps you to make camera animation for previs, movies and cinematics

Live camera animation and stereoscopic settings adjustments

Use VR-Plugin to set up stereoscopic cameras in real-time to create the best possible experience for the spectator.
Create a virtual version of the final display like planetarium, curved LED wall or architecture for projection mapping to preview your content in VR.


The real-time capability is one of the great advantages you have with the Maya VP 2.0

Customer Presentations

The prospect of fast previsualization is one of the biggest benefits you gain with the Maya Viewport 2.0
VR-Plugin makes full use of the DirectX11 and OpenGL lighting and shading options.
Our customers benefit from the Asynchronous Timewarp when Maya gets too slow.


Use VR-Plugin to review meshes, lighting, shading, texturing and animation in VR

Approvals of 3D models and scenes with our custom Viewport 2.0

You can use our customized Maya VP 2.0 to review your work e.g. meshes, lighting, shading, texturing.
The Professional Versions Mirror Viewport enables others to observe your actions on the monitor and influence you at any time.

Lighting and Shading

VR-Plugin is a great tool for lighting and shading artists

Lighting and shading of scenes with DirectX and OpenGL

Imagine the advantages you have with a full stereoscopic view around, instead of just with a 2D monitor in front of you.
The possibility to adjust and preview settings directly in the 3D environment gives you much more control over your creation.

Best Possible Conversion

VR projects have the advantage of an optimal conversion into the final product

Launch a native VR workflow in your projects

Introduce a continuous VR workflow to your projects’ pipeline.
Don’t waste your time with switching between applications.
Your final product will benefit from a 1:1 conversion to Engines like Unity3D, Unreal or Stingray.

Application Features

Advanced User Interface



  • VR-Plugin Professional UI in Autodesk Maya
  • The start button will launch Maya VR
  • Direct access to the Maya DisplayModes
  • The scale factor can be adjusted according to your scene scale for the best immersive effect
  • Press the crosshair button to move the camera to the scene center
  • With VR-Plugin Professional of you have the record function and a Multi-Camera list available
  • Every time you press record a new animation will be saved in the Camera list
  • The Parenting option can be used to hook your camera to another transform node. Use it in conjunction with the scale factor to lock the translation
  • The Arnold 5 Button renders out a Stereoscopic 360° Image for e.g. your mobile VR app, if you have the latest version of Arnold installed
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