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Cory Strassburgercory strassburger
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The beta is working quite well and has been super useful for me blocking out a new level in our game.

A couple ideas:
It would be nice if the injection camera near/far clipping settings would be inherited by the main VR camera. My scene is fairly large so i have to adjust the VR camera clipping values every time I hit play.

The show flags don’t seem to work initially. I have to hit play and then toggle (lights for example) on and then off again for it to effect the VR viewport.

It would be great to have a booleon that auto paused/unpaused the main desktop viewport when going in and out of play mode. Currently I have to manually set it to pause every time I go into VR, then un-pause when i come out.

Scaling the world is really great and intuitive. However moving objects is a bit tricky when trying to select the axis. Im using touch controllers and they don’t seem very calibrated to where I’m pointing. For example, when trying to highlight the Y axis on the move manipulator i have to point off to the left from the manipulator for it to highlight.

Also might be nice to hold a modifier button (on the hand controller) and use the joystick to select the axis (push up for Y, left for X, etc..)

So far those are my biggest observations. Of course, having the hand controller buttons mappable to different functions or tools (translate, rotate, etc…) would be very helpful. Also a button to reset scale to a known value would be great… maybe reset to the injection camera settings or have a seperate “default” injection camera positioned and scaled to a particular place that you can reset to?