Benefit from the native implementation of VR-Plugin into Autodesk Maya when using your favorite plugins and scripts in Virtual Reality.

Pipeline integrity is one of the advantages you have with VR-Plugin.

Here is a list of all 3rd party scripts and plugins that were tested for compatibility so far.

Thanks to our partners for sharing their software with us.

Please contact us if you are testing different Maya tools in Virtual Reality, so we can add them to the list.

Maya Bonus Tools by Autodesk
App Store Download

Wire by Piotr Makal
App Store Download

Craft Director Tools by Craft Animations

Multiverse by J Cube Inc.

Ziva VFX by Ziva Dynamics

The Face Machine by Anzovin Studio

Advanced Skeleton | Maya Rigging Tools by Animation Studios

Rapid Rig for Maya by Dustin Nelson

Maya Hard-Mesh by

Thanks to Romain Chauliac for his Python scripts by Romain Chauliac

BrickIt for Maya
PlugIt for Maya
ModIt for Maya

Thanks to Erik Lehmann for his Python scripts by Erik Lehmann


Thanks to Adnan Chaumette for his Python scripts by Adnan Chaumette

Mesh Blend

Quick Pipe

ADN Modeler Tools

Curve paint and tweak tool for Maya by yursiv Great tool to create nurbs curves, can be used in VR

Animation To Curve for Maya by Charlie Wales

Great tool to create curves from animation,

works great with the record function of VR-Plugin Professional

Object Colors for Maya by Charlie Wales

Great for color coding scene objects