The VR-Plugin 6.0 Beta 3 is closed, thank you all for your engagement.

VR-Plugin Beta for Autodesk Maya

Create immersive digital worlds

VR-Plugin offers improvements with 3D animation,

modeling, sculpting, texturing, lighting, shading, grooming

and rendering and serves all native features of Autodesk Maya.

VR-Plugin is made for pipeline integration.

New and old Maya tools can easily be included with Qt and Python.

We could not find any incompatible plug-in or script, tell us if you find some!

Please visit our compatibility list.

The public Beta 3 is running for 30 days.

You can prolong the period by sharing you work or content in the forum and dropping us a line.

VR-Plugin Professional customers can extend the beta with a short email request.

The benefits of Virtual Reality

The VR-Plugin Beta offers a virtual production environment for Autodesk Maya.
Directly create 3D assets in Virtual Reality and benefit from the extension of your 2D desktop.
Transform your work space to virtual within seconds, no export required.
Download the free Beta and jump-start into the 3rd dimension.
The stereoscopic view gives you a precise and natural impression of scale and proportion. Experience the entire depth of Virtual Reality in the most intuitive way.  Use your gamepad as fly-cam and explore the surrounding area.
Using the hand controllers as input devices to access the implemented Maya features in Virtual Reality.
Speed and performance are the great advantages of the Maya Viewport2.0.
Benefit from full DirectX11/OpenGL lighting and shading support in Virtual Reality.

VR-Plugin Beta UI


VR-Plugin 6.0 Preview

VR-Plugin 6.0 Beta

VR-Plugin Beta: Virtual Production Showcase

VR-Plugin Beta: XGen Grooming Showcase

Basic User Interface Tutorials

VR-Plugin Beta UI: Selecting and moving objects and components

VR-Plugin UI: Snap Together Tool

VR-Plugin Beta UI: Maya Edit Mesh Tools

VR-Plugin Beta UI: Timeline and keyframe animation

VR-Plugin Beta UI: Sculpting Polygons

VR-Plugin Beta UI: Gamepad Fly Camera

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